A combination of highly concentrated silver ions and zinc ions. Born from the wisdom of ages combined with modern technology, aimac works well for a comfortable living and for your future.

1. Gentle on the environment and people

Among the metals that have high deodorizing and antibacterial effect, silver is known to be environmentally friendly causing almost no harm to humans and animals. Similarly, Zinc, which is also known for its deodorizing qualities and antibacterial effect, is an essential element of life and it is contained in our body and food as well.

2. Alcohol and chemical free

aimac is tasteless, colorless, odorless and transparent, and resembles plain water. It does not contain chlorine or alcohol. Since we do not use any chemical substances such as artificial flavors, it is recommended for people with chemical hypersensitivity or sensitive skin, for children or even pets. *Foam-type contains a surfactant.

3. Stable ionization with high concentration

aimac ionizes (dissolves in water) Silver and Zinc in a stable manner, thereby improving the antimicrobial power of Silver and deodorizing power of Zinc. Compared to the antibacterial and deodorizing products that use chlorine, alcohol and fragrance components in high concentration, it is excellent in sustainability and versatility.

aimac uses revolutionary technology to stably ionize silver (Ag), known as “mysterious metal” since ancient times, and zinc (Zn) having many actions and combines them in high concentration with high purity. aimac is not only effective against body odor, but it can also be effective against virus, bacteria and fungi. It helps not only to improve the environment surrounding people and animals, it also helps to “activate” or rejuvenate its original power.