Our Aim

Antibacterial, disinfecting, refreshing and deodorizing care is essential for a healthy and comfortable life. That being said, excessive cleansing may decrease the original immunity and the effect of chemical substances on the body is also a concern. We aim for a product, which is, first and foremost, safe to use and effective in every aspect of life.
aimac was born with this thought in mind. It does not uproot and disinfect all bacteria, including that which is good for the body. While trying to better the uncomfortable surroundings, it tries to stay close to the original vitality. Please keep it close to you always. We aim to help you live each day with a lively smile.

Company profile

Ryoma Environmental Business LLC



Established in

January 2017


Junichi Umeya

Business description

Development and sales of products for environmental improvement


Shonai Bank

Number of employees