Displays effectiveness
in every aspect of your daily life

For children or pets

It is tasteless, odorless and does not cause irritation to skin. Hence, it can be used safely on sensitive skin or even baby skin. It can be used as an antibacterial disinfectant for toys as well as a deodorant for pets' bodies. It can also be used to remove the odor caused by cat urine, from carpets.

For troublesome body odor

Effective against odor caused by feet stuffed in shoes, odor in the underarms after sweating or age-induced body odor. Apply the foam directly onto your skin or wipe the problematic area with a cloth soaked in the liquid. It can also remove the odor from pillows used by old people.

For disinfecting and
sterilizing cookware

You would want to be careful about food poisoning not just during monsoon, but all year round. It helps to prevent infectious food poisoning such as Staphylococcus aureus, O-157 (pathogenic Escherichia coli) etc. Use it to disinfect cutting boards, kitchen knives, kitchen utensils (liquid spray) or fingers (foam).

For humidifiers and air conditioners

Helps to suppress molds and bacteria in the exhaust filters of vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and humidifiers. If used in the tank of a humidifier (liquid), misty water containing silver ions spreads through the room, and will float around the room even after the moisture dries. Thus, the effect will last for a long time.

When you cannot take a bath

You can easily keep your body clean even when you are unable to take a bath due to illness or injury. Since it does not need water, it is convenient to use when you are outdoors or travelling. You can also keep it as part of your first-aid kit.

For disinfecting and
deodorizing the room

Smell of cooking from the kitchen? Shoes at the front door? These everyday smells mix together and stay locked up in your home. Everything in a room such as curtains, sofa, the air etc. can be sterilized and deodorized with aimac. It is also effective in suppressing molds. (Does not have bleaching properties for mold)

For cleaning the house

It can be used as an antibacterial deodorant for daily cleaning, such as for toilets that tend to have germs and odor, slime where bacteria tend to breed, bath with the problem of mold, odor of the drain and slime etc. It helps to prevent secondary infection caused by norovirus or rotavirus.

For room drying

It is also convenient as an antibacterial deodorant for clothes. It can be used to remove the smell of tobacco or grilled meat, sweat or mold from the closet. It is effective for drying rooms where miscellaneous germs tend to breed and cause odor (If you want to thoroughly tackle the problem, we recommend that you clean the washing tub as well.)

For preventing pollinosis

It is very useful to counter hay fever. Use it for clothes, masks or air where you are concerned about pollens. Positive charge of silver ion combines with the negative charge of the pollens to break down the allergens (pollen spores) and kill their activity. (If it can be added)