Eliminates odor molecules
from the roots by ionization

aimac's refreshing and
deodorizing mechanism

Things that give out an offensive odor are
negatively charged. Combining them with the
positive electric charges of silver and zinc puts a
stop to the activities of various organic
substances that are responsible for generating
offensive odor.

Let us compare with
other typical deodorants

‘Masking’ is a typical deodorizing method of wrapping
odor molecules with strong fragrance components.
In this case, the odor returns because the odor
molecules were fundamentally not removed.
It weakens and kills their activities and breeding.

Also effective in preventing
other virus infections

Ionized silver enters the cells of the bacteria and inhibits the activity of the enzyme. It is also recommended as a preventive measure against norovirus, influenza or food poisoning such as Staphylococcus aureus or Escherichia coli.

Decomposes cedar pollen
with the power of the silver ion

Test method

Spray aimac on cedar pollens and observe the
morphological changes.

Test result

After the liquid was sprayed, it showed a change in the
form of pollen in 20 seconds, and also breaks it down
within 1 minute.

Places where aimac is
effectively utilized

In addition to ordinary households, we create a comfortable environment by maintaining hygiene at various workplaces and places where many unspecified people gather. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Childcare Facilities, Food Processing Facilities, Evacuation Centers, Concert Halls, Vehicles

Safety Inspection of aimac

Inspection institute

Japan Food Research Laboratories

Inspection institute

Acute oral toxicity test
Primary skin irritation test

Test methods and conditions

Tests on rats performed with fixed limit amounts
Dermatological tests performed on rabbits to check the irritation to their skin (OECD method)